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Presa Huapango No.11, Tultitlán,Estado de Mexico 555.899.9180/ 555.899.9170

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Founded in 1992, by the need to satisfy the customer demanad Quimica Treza S.A. de CV that is committed to meet every requirement of our customers

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All our units and operators have authorization from SCT and appropriate training for the safe handling of hazardous materials covered in class 4 and 8, you also have the policies in effect against third parties and ecological damage.

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Responsible Care (SARI)

The objetive of the companies were to improve continuously and voluntarily the handling of the environ mental aspects, health and security originated by its operations, through the implantation of a system of integral Responsability. The philosophy and greater lineaments of integral Responsibility settle down in their General Principles.

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Main Markets

Metal Treaty
Cardboard and paper
Textile Industry
Industry cleaning products, detergents and soaps
General food
Metal Mechanics
Water treatment
Chemistry, paints and inks
Tannery, pharmaceutical
Plastics, mining

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